Freestyle is doing more with their cash, find out how!

Two babies in freestyle diapers
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March 25, 2022

Here at Treasure, we work with some of the most innovative companies! Our clients range from juice shops to large tech companies. We love highlighting our vast portfolio of clients held in our Treasure chest!

Freestyle is a company we personally find pretty badass ……… literally! Freestyle makes a different kind of diaper for a different kind of parent. On top of a brand that celebrates the youthfulness and creativity that is parenting, Freestyle is introducing the first tree-free, bamboo core baby diaper to the US market. With cool and inspiring designs, your little one is going to be their hippest and happiest self in the sandbox!

How is Treasure providing value to Freestyle?

"As an early-stage startup, we keep a very close eye on runway. That’s why we were so excited to find Treasure — we were able to shift idle cash to their platform in minutes, and the yield on that cash is helping us offset our pre-launch expenses. That’s huge for us as we stay lean and grow. Plus their customer service has been top-notch. Highly recommend!" - Russ Wallace, Co-founder Freestyle

Be on the lookout for Freestyle and sign up for some pre-launch specials! Not only are they the dopest diapers, but they are also excellent gifts for new parents!

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Let Treasure be your financial steward and put your idle cash to work, generating more revenue. Start your treasury management journey and open an account with Treasure today!

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