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Up to 90x higher yield than your business bank account.    *

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The clarity and tools you need to manage your finances like a Fortune 500 company.

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Your cash deserves options

Choose from zero market risk, to higher yield with optimum liquidity. With Treasure Cash, collect 0.30%⁺ with FDIC insurance up to $2.5 million. Select Treasure Portfolio and earn up to 90x higher yield from our bespoke cash management portfolios.*

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Treasure turns idle cash into revenue

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Clarity for today’s finances

With Treasure Insights, view all of your transaction data in one place in real-time. Gain clarity into your cash flow, giving you better visibility into your liquidity. Use automated sweeps to manage funds with maximum efficiency.

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Trusted foresight for tomorrow's decisions

Leverage financial data in a completely new way, resulting in corporate grade cash management without the burden.

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Treasure recommends actions for improving financial outcomes

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Grow your small business with ease using Treasure's foresight, clarity, and bespoke investments.

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Cash Management IconCentralized Data IconIntelligent Action Icon
Cash Management
Centralized Data
Intelligent Action
*Based on current yield of the funds offered by Treasure as of 9/30/2021. Source: Bloomberg.
⁺ As an incentive Treasure will apply a monthly payment to your Treasure Cash account of 0.30% annualized based on the balance of your account. The payment is not bank interest and is not an annual percentage yield.
*Based on average bank account rates as of 9/30/2021. Source: Bankrate.

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