Autonomous Cash Flow Utilization

Treasure was created so that financial operators can have the same benefits of a treasury department without the resources or experience traditionally required. Treasure opens the door to high yielding opportunities that institutions aren't willing to offer to small & medium business.

Your Cash Flow With More Potential

Multi-Bank  Management

No more waiting for delayed reports, see the impact of your cash today and its effect on your business tomorrow



Centralized data allows for unmatched insights. Treasure makes it easy to effectively segment your day-to-day cash flows in one system

Sweeping & Cash Optimisation

Make your cash work harder by keeping your working capital ready to deploy while sweeping your idle cash into a high yield account. The best part... Treasure sweeps your cash for you and moves it back before you know you need it.

With your accounts

Get started and take your cash flow to the next level. Once you log-in, set up is quick and easy and in 3 minutes you'll have access to it all.



Find your idle cash

Maybe you already know it, or let Treasure help you find your idle cash. You will have the same access and opportunity to build a more stable company; with the same strategy as a corporate treasury manager.  



Full utilization 

Get your cash working harder than it ever has before. Treasure uses machine learning to make sure your cash is in your accounts when you need it and yielding more revenue when you don't.



"Treasure provides effective cash flow management in a truly innovative platform. Not only does it reduce excess liquidity, but also provides multiple investment options to maximize the return on liquidty. As a bank treasurer, our efforts are focused towards obtaining these funds from corporates but, given the current regulation, the banks can’t even access some of Treasure’s investment options for their own balance sheet."

Federico Lozano, Head of Treasury - Itau Bank

Built for small & medium companies in the USA:

Get more from your cash, today!

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