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Get safe and secure allocations to government backed securities for your business funds.
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secure, government backed securities
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Cash management made simple

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Easily move money from your bank to Treasure Reserve. Identify idle cash with Liquid Sense.

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Generate Revenue

Earn up to 100x* more revenue on your idle cash without hidden fees.

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Your money is accessible within 13 business days.

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The Treasure Reserve Account

Our world-class Investment Team actively manages your cash, creating a blended yield portfolio continuously optimized for evolving market conditions.
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FDIC insured with superior yield and daily liquidity
idle cash management

Money Market

Continually allocated to the best performing Money Market funds
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Managed Treasuries

Government backed securities dynamically managed for maximum yield and safety


Actively managed portfolio of fixed income mutual funds optimized for yield

From 3.55% to 8%* yield


1 - 3 business day liquidity


Traditional finance assets. No crypto


Cash FDIC insured, Securities SIPC insured


Actively managed


Investment team with +50 year experience

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Traditional bank earnings (in 2 yrs)


Treasure Managed Income earnings (in 2 yrs)

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All testimonials are from owners or employees of current Treasure customers. Customers have not or will not be compensated in any way when providing testimonials. These testimonials do not present any conflicts of interest between the customers and Treasure.
Customer Story

Stellar Health is a healthcare technology company that empowers providers and practices to deliver high-quality care through their web-based platform and incentive program offering real-time notifications at the point of care


Treasure made onboarding super easy for Stellar Health


Treasure provides much better support to Stellar Health than their previous bank


Stellar Health is earning 15x** more with Treasure Cash

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"We raised a successful Series B and are now earning revenue on those funds by using Treasure’s impactful cash management solution."

Michael Meng
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Why our customers love us

"Like any startup or business owner, we are strategic when it comes to our runway and want to optimize for liquidity while minimizing risks. Treasure has an excellent platform and a great service team that helps us with just that! They brought in a very clear value and had a kick-ass, super easy onboarding for us! Highly recommend Treasure to other startups."

Srikrishnan Ganesan

Co-Founder, Rocketlane

"We are making an extra six figures a year with Treasure over our previous bank. Treasure is a no-brainer decision for any startup that has raised a large round and wants to get more out of their idle cash."

Daniel Jacker

CEO, ZaiNar

"Treasure is solving two main issues for finance leaders: better return on cash reserves & predictive modeling to assist with cash management. Their dashboards are easy to use and interpret which allows for faster decision-making when managing cash flow."

Doug Karasek

CFO, Hunt Club

"In the end, our capital is here for one purpose and that is to serve our Shef community. Treasure helps ensure that we can maximize our impact and better serve our community."

Joey Grassia

Co-Founder, Shef

"As an early stage startup, we keep a very close eye on runway. That’s why we were so excited to find Treasure — we were able to shift idle cash to their platform in minutes, and the yield on that cash is helping us offset our pre-launch expenses. That’s huge for us as we stay lean and grow. Plus their customer service has been top-notch. Highly recommended!"

Russ Wallace

CEO, Freestyle World

"We deeply care for each dollar. Having known Ben, Treasure's co-founder, from before, I already had the confidence that my idle funds would be taken care of. But now, after seeing the yields generated after a few months, I am a very happy customer."

Manuel J. Godoy

Co-Founder, Felix
Stay safe, secure and liquid with Treasure

Compliance First

As a SEC Registered Investment Advisor we have fiduciary duty to our clients, ensuring that all business activities are in the best interest of our clients.

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Safety and Stability

Your Treasure account generates high yields using cash allocation or low risk fixed income mutual funds. We actively manage the risk for you.


SOC2 Compliant Security

Treasure provides enterprise-level security for customer’s data secured in the Treasure Technologies System.

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