Treasure is a cash management platform to help businesses transform idle cash into revenue. Founded in 2018.

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“With Treasure, the burden of cash management is removed, risk is reduced and more revenue is only a click away. Treasure is your financial steward, ensuring every dollar within your company is always going towards the highest and best use possible.”
Sam Strasser
CEO and Founder

Who we are

The Treasure team shares a passion for technology, finance and compliance. We believe that every growing business should have access to the same type of resources to manage their finances like large big corporations do on a daily basis with their treasury department. We are building Treasure not only to help individual businesses but also the economy as whole.

The team that is building the future of cash management

Sam Strasser
  • 13 years working in B2B & regulation
  • Built 5 companies to date
  • 3 successful exits
Ben Verschuere
  • 15 years in financial markets
  • 10 years as portfolio manager for Peter Thiel hedge fund & family office
Scott Williams
Chief Compliance Officer
  • Head of compliance at SoFi & Figure
  • 13 years in Fintech regulation & compliance
Matthew Clower
Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Software Architect at WePay (acquired by Chase)
  • Founder and CTO at Warpshare
Built by employees from
Education from
  • UC Irvine
  • UC Berkeley
  • U Chicago
  • U of Toronto
Backed by world-class investors

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