About Treasure

1. How long has Treasure been around?

Treasure was founded in 2018. More information about Treasure is available on our Company page.

2. How is Treasure different from a bank?

We are not a bank. Treasure was built to provide a much better return on business idle cash. Unlike banks, Treasure has fiduciary responsibility, which means we are required to always put our customers’ best interests first.

3. How are my funds protected?

Treasure is regulated by the SEC and SOC2 compliant. All funds are safely held by our trusted custodian (Apex Clearing) and Treasure Cash allocations enjoy FDIC insurance and are deposited with federally chartered US banks. Treasure Managed Income enjoys $500,000 SIPC coverage.

4. Who is Apex Clearing?

Apex Clearing is our SEC regulated custodian. Apex has more than $90 billion under custody and is used by large Fintech companies.

5. Who can use Treasure?

Treasure is built for growing businesses looking to safely generate meaningful revenue from their idle cash. We don’t provide services to individuals.

6. How do I contact you?

For sales inquiries email sales@treasurefinancial.com. For everything else, reach out to support@treasurefinancial.com.

How Treasure works

1. What is the difference between Treasure Cash and Treasure Managed Income?

Treasure Cash is a no market risk cash allocation. Treasure Managed Income is invested in low risk fixed income mutual funds selected and managed by Treasure (so that you don’t need to do anything).

2. How do you pay income on my funds?

For Treasure Cash your income is paid monthly (at the end of the month) based on the average daily balance held during that month. For Treasure Managed Income the income comes from the dividend paid by the fixed income mutual funds allocated to.

3. Does Treasure cost anything?

Treasure is a free platform. Treasure charges a 0.35% annual management fee on assets held in Treasure Managed Income. All published yields are net of our fees.

4. How long does it take to open an account?

Treasure accounts are usually opened within 2 business days.

5. How do I fund my account?

You have 2 options to fund your account through either an ACH transfer or wire transfer for larger amounts (Treasure covers your wire transfer fees).

6. How fast can I withdraw cash?

Daily liquidity with Treasure Cash and 3 day liquidity with Treasure Managed Income.

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