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Embedded Treasury 

The Treasure API offers the essential building blocks for creating a comprehensive embedded yield generation solution tailored to your customers' treasury management needs.
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SEC Registered
SOC2 Certified
Professional Management
Treasury as a Service
The Treasure API is a treasury-as-a-service API that lets you embed actively managed yield generating products in your financial platform or marketplace. With a single integration, give your customer access to low-risk, high-return products like Treasuries, TIPS, government money market funds, and actively managed fixed income.
treasure investment products
Embedded Yield Products
World Class Investment Team
Secure, High Return Products
Outperform Market Rates
Secure Custodial Holding
Treasure Managed
Managed Money Market
Allocated to top performing government-backed money market funds.
Treasure Managed
Managed Treasuries
Intelligently invests in optimal T-Bill and TIPS maturities.
Treasure Managed
Managed Income
Consistently optimized for minimized risk and outsized returns across top tier 5-25 funds.
Security, Return, Liquidity
Integrate full-featured, compliance-first treasury products
The Treasure API provides the modular components you need to build a full-featured, treasury product. Built with compliance and security at its core, so you (and your customers) always have peace of mind. 
manage idle cash
Clear Performance Data
Tracking returns is a vital aspect of your clients' financial journey. The Treasure API efficiently access and showcase performance data to enhance your service offerings and support your clients' financial goals.
Secure Investment Products
Experience the power of an extraordinary investment team coupled with technology that automatically rebalances portfolios to react to market fluctuations, offering secure investment products, including government-backed securities.
Seamless Transfers
Simplify and automate money movement for your customers with seamless transfers, powered by our API. Enjoy smooth and quick transactions between accounts and investment products, enhancing the overall user experience.
Secure Custodial Accounts
With Treasure's API, a dedicated custodial account at Apex is established in your client’s name, ensuring a secure and protected environment for their funds with no bank risk.
Embedded Yield Generation,
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