Treasure's Managed Income Allocation: Top 1% Performer in 2022*

Treasure Investment Team
January 19, 2023

We are proud to announce that Treasure’s Managed Income allocation ranked in the top 1% of the fixed income mutual funds last year. Let's rewind the tape and see what’s behind this success.

Treasury management isn't just about focusing on Money Market and T-bills, it’s about using a broader set of safe, fixed income products to generate a return on idle cash. Treasure runs our Managed Income allocation with a focus on generating a higher yield with limited downside. We use this allocation as a yield enhancement to the other allocations we provide – Treasuries, Money Market, Cash.

Our Managed Income allocation leverages our expertise in cash management. It’s built around quantitative algorithms managed in-house that allow us to create a safe portfolio of fixed income mutual funds. We track thousands of mutual funds, picking the best performing ones to generate the safest yield. As the name suggests, we actively manage the portfolio to conservatively generate income for our customers.

Being data focused, it’s always interesting to review how our allocations perform over time. Seeing our Managed Income allocation perform exceptionally well in 2022, a year that was one of the most difficult years for fixed income assets, is strong validation of our approach. 

Most of the fixed income mutual funds ended up losing money in 2022, following the increase in yield - but not Treasure’s Managed Income allocation (see Figure 1 below)! Our allocation was one of the few that generated positive returns which aligns with our strategy to provide yield with minimum downside risk.

Treasure's Managed Income:
2022 performance vs. universe
Source: Bloomberg

Using a third party with deep experience in the markets and cash management is critical for generating yield on your idle cash. As you can see above, this approach can have a dramatic impact on the returns you generate on idle cash. Choose wisely, choose Treasure!

Treasure Financial Investment Team

Our seasoned team has nearly 60 years combined experience, has managed billions in assets, and has worked at some of the most recognized names in finance.

Ben Verschuere, Co-Founder/CIO

15 years in financial markets

10 years as portfolio manager for Peter Thiel hedge fund & family office

Pablo Mitchell, Head of Quantitative Investment

20 years in financial markets

16 years as quantitative portfolio manager at TIAA

Luca Rassenti, Director Quantitative Investment

10 years in financial markets

Investment Officer at Iowa & New Mexico state pension funds

Scott Williams, Chief Compliance Officer

13 years in Fintech regulation and compliance

Head of compliance at SoFi & Figure

*Source: Bloomberg

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