Treasure Launches Treasure Cash™ Enabling Businesses To Earn 15x More on Their Idle Cash

A slider showing investment amount and how much you could make with Treasure Cash vs a bank account
Ben Verschuere & Sam Strasser
March 14, 2022

Treasure Cash™ is an allocation within Treasure Reserve that enables businesses to earn 15x* on their idle cash with 14x higher FDIC insurance, zero market risk and daily liquidity. 

When it comes to managing idle cash, businesses previously had limited tools at their disposal, but Treasure is rapidly filling that void. The Fintech company has built a full suite of products to help C-suites not only better track their finances in real-time but also access tools to help them generate revenue from their business capital.

“We’re excited to add this new product to Treasure Reserve which is our idle cash management offering,” says Sam Strasser, Treasure CEO. “With Treasure Cash™ businesses can generate revenue from their idle cash like big corporations do. This ultra-safe offering which doesn’t bear any market risk, complements Treasure’s High Yield allocation generating up to 100x more**,” says Strasser.

Today, businesses are frustrated with the lack of services and expensive fees they pay with their banks. According to Bankrate, banks receive a minuscule yield, on average .03%***, from their business bank accounts. 

"Treasure is solving two main issues for finance leaders: better return on cash reserves & predictive modeling to assist with cash management” says Doug Karasek, Senior Director of Finance and Operations at Hunt Club. “Their dashboards are easy to use and interpret, allowing for faster decision making when managing cash flow.”

Treasure customer growth has been impressive since the beginning of the year on the back of the strong value add at net zero cost the platform provides. "We raised a successful Series B and are now earning revenue on those funds by using Treasure’s impactful cash management solution” says Tim Jones, Controller at Stellar Health.

“It is about time businesses have access to the same type of tools that big corporations deploy on a daily basis to optimize their finances with their treasury department,” says Ben Verschuere, Treasure’s Co Founder. “Our mission is to turn business’ finances into revenue opportunities and Treasure Cash™ does exactly that.” 

Sign up for a Treasure account today to experience the benefits of Treasure Cash.

*Cash payments are an incentive payment and not bank interest or an APR.

**Based on the current yield of the funds offered by Treasure as of 12/31/2021.  Source:  Bloomberg.

***Based on the current average business bank account yield.  Source: Bankrate.

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