Treasure Introduces ETFs In Its Actively Managed Cash Management Allocations

Treasure Introduces ETFs In Its Actively Managed Cash Management Allocations
February 22, 2024

At Treasure, our unwavering dedication to delivering professional cash management solutions for our clients' idle funds, emphasizing safety and efficiency, remains steadfast. We are delighted to unveil the incorporation of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) into our array of business cash management allocations.


The ETF market has witnessed exponential growth over recent decades, and as of June of last year there was close to $2 trillion in assets now allocated to the Fixed Income ETF (as per data from BlackRock, source). This surge in assets has coincided with the development of more sophisticated strategies offered in ETF format, while simultaneously driving down management fees.


By incorporating ETFs into the Treasure Managed Income allocation, we aim to provide our clients with enhanced liquidity, flexibility in asset allocation, and reduced fees.

What is Treasure Managed Income?

Treasure Managed Income represents an actively managed portfolio of fixed income securities, designed to deliver yield and income with low volatility. To achieve this objective, our proprietary quantitative algorithm meticulously monitors over 1,000 ETFs and selects funds expected to have optimal income generation.

Key Advantages of ETFs

Building upon previous analyses such as "Fixed Income Mutual Funds Vs ETFs: Making Informed Investment Decisions," the advantages of ETFs are evident:

  1. Lower Fees: ETFs typically feature lower management fees compared to Mutual Funds due to greater transparency and competition within the ETF market.
  2. Tax Efficiency: The ETF structure facilitates tax efficiency by minimizing capital gains taxes, as trading occurs within the ETF without exposing holders to tax implications.
  3. Trading Flexibility and Liquidity: ETFs trade on stock exchanges like individual stocks, allowing investors to buy and sell them throughout the trading day at market prices, enhancing liquidity and flexibility.
  4. Diverse Asset Classes and Strategies: ETFs offer a wide range of asset classes, from stocks to commodities, providing investors with diverse investment choices to align with their goals and risk tolerance.

In Conclusion

ETFs offer numerous advantages for capital deployment, and Treasure is excited to be at the forefront of leveraging Fixed Income ETFs to benefit our clients. Our integration of ETFs into our suite of cash management allocation underscores our commitment to delivering optimized asset management with low volatility.


Disclosure: The information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment, financial, legal, or tax advice. This material should not be considered an offer or recommendation to buy or sell a security, or a recommendation of any specific investment or strategy. You should consult your own financial, legal, and tax advisors before engaging in any transaction. While information and sources are believed to be accurate, Treasure does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information or source provided herein and is under no obligation to update this information. For more information about Treasure, please visit

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