Smart ways to reinvest profits in your business

Money growth
October 5, 2022

1. People and processes

High performing team members are what put your business in a position to succeed. Build a better workforce by recruiting top-tier talent to your company. By investing in your workforce and continuing to implement a strong company culture, motivated employees will increase your profitability.

In addition to hiring new people, it’s important to retain the employees that helped make your business successful in the first place. Reinvest your profits into increased wages and benefits to retain your top performers. Loyal, hard-working employees deserve raises and bonuses as a gesture of your appreciation and to highlight how the company values their time and talent. Your team will also feel invested in if they’re provided training opportunities to help their careers grow and their skills expand.

Investing in your staff can also mean creating new processes to alleviate their workload. Look for software and applications that can automate, organize, or streamline certain tasks for your team. While potentially costly upfront, these tools will help manage your workflow better and make your employees more productive.

2. Treasury management

Investing in a treasury management strategy gives your company long-term business cash management options. Treasury management is when a business optimizes its cash flow to meet its financial goals. Strategists and treasury management systems assess your company’s cash flow and available assets and determine the best ways to use them to increase your bottom line. Large corporations like Apple derive meaningful revenue from their treasury team, with 15% of Apple’s profits coming from that team’s efforts.

Treasury management can also help your corporation decrease its overall financial risk by delegating certain responsibilities to a third party. Through treasury management, a company’s receivables, payables, investments, and cash flow are taken care of, giving executives and leaders the ability to focus their attention on business operations rather than financial decisions. 

One way investing in treasury management helps a business grow and avoid risk is by creating a cash buffer. This is a type of contingency fund for a business to use in case of an emergency. Or unforeseen situations such as tax bills, rent or goods increase, buying out a competitor, paying fines, and emergencies. Having a cash buffer allows a business to have protection in the event of one of these situations.

3. Marketing

Marketing can help an already successful business reach a new audience. If your B2B company has primarily relied on word-of-mouth marketing to create business, the next step to attracting new customers is establishing a marketing campaign. 

Assess your long-term goals and determine what type of marketing strategy is best for your business. Some companies may lean into digital marketing, while others may invest in traditional forms of advertising to get seen by a wider audience. The right marketing strategy depends on your business, its products, and the audience you are trying to reach. 

Your team may also consider investing in search engine optimization (SEO) to help get your company website at the top of search engines. Investing in an SEO strategy helps businesses increase their visibility and meet their long-term goals. A well-executed SEO strategy takes time to generate returns, however, it will help your website get seen by more users and garner new customers.

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