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Matthew Walsh
July 29, 2022

Rocketlane is growing at lightspeed, creating a much simpler process for Customer Success teams to deliver chaos-free, consistent, and delightful B2B client project experiences across industries. 

Collaboration is critical in any industry, and Rocketlane is making it easy for their clients to collaborate with them. 

With general-purpose project and collaboration tools, businesses have to deal with siloed work streams, broken communication, and no out-of-the-box visibility into their client projects. This is where Rocketlane adds value: Rocketlane eliminates the need to work across multiple separate point solutions while providing leadership teams with real-time visibility into customer go-lives. They also make it easy for customers to stay on top of their projects through a customizable portal that requires no sign-ups or logins.

Before Treasure, Rocketlane, like many companies, received the typical bank treatment. We all know how that story goes: you make a deposit, and they give you the bare minimum of a return because they know you will stay - it’s the status quo.

As an early-stage startup, we keep a very close eye on our runway and want to optimize for liquidity while minimizing risks. Treasure has an excellent platform and a great service team that helps us with just that! They brought in a very clear value and provided a kick-ass, super easy onboarding for us! Highly recommend Treasure to other startups.” - Srikrishnan Ganesan, Co-founder - Rocketlane.

Right now, Rocketlane along with all Treasure clients, more than 30x more on their idle cash than what most banks offer. This boosts their revenue, month over month, without doing a thing! With ZERO market risk, they saw this no-brainer solution as an easy revenue stream. 

Treasure takes great pride in the results and success of our clients! Rocketlane is one of many clients who made the 10-minute decision to turn their finance department into a revenue stream. In the last three months, we have had multiple clients earn north of $90,000 in returns each. That can easily offset the hiring of a new employee, retain marketing spending, and keep employees from being let go. All at zero upfront cost! All businesses have a responsibility to safeguard their capital and put it to the best and highest use possible. That is exactly what Treasure was built to do!

We are here to offer your company more! Keep your bank, link your accounts to our platform, and our AI recommends the best solution for your cash. By not using a service like Treasure, you are just missing out on free money.

Treasure is proud to amplify this growth with our Treasury-as-a-Service solution. Check out Rocketlane here! Tell them Treasure sent you.

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