Maximizing Business Capital: Treasure's Embedded Yield with Priority Technology Holdings

Priority X Treasure
February 5, 2024

In an era where every dollar counts, Treasure Financial is redefining the landscape of financial technology with transformative treasury management solutions. Today, we're excited to unveil our strategic partnership with Priority Technology Holdings, Inc., a trailblazing provider of unified commerce solutions. Together, we're delivering an unprecedented level of operational efficiency and capital optimization for businesses of every scale.

The cornerstone of this alliance is the seamless integration of Treasure Financial's revolutionary embedded yield API with Priority's robust suite of commerce tools. Priority users now have the ability to reallocate their surplus working capital into a dynamic portfolio actively managed by Treasure’s world-class investment team, directly within Priority’s ecosystem. This innovative service is made easily accessible through Priority's Passport financial account, which offers a plethora of financial tools including cash flow management, banking services, compliance, reporting, and business intelligence capabilities. With the integration of Treasure’s Embedded Yield API, they now also offer secure investment options including Treasuries, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, government-backed money market funds, and a diverse range of professionally curated fixed-income assets.

At Treasure, we see technology not as a mere utility but as a strategic accelerator propelling business growth and financial stewardship—a vision shared by our esteemed partners at Priority. “We are on a mission to change the way businesses, large and small, think about their payment solution providers by providing technology and services as revenue accelerators to grow their businesses and drive efficiency in their operations, and not as another cost center,” stated Thomas Priore, Chairman and CEO of Priority.

"The inclusion of Treasure’s capabilities into our unified commerce engine and treasury service offering brings us to the next level with cutting-edge cash management solutions," says Al Acevedo, Senior Vice President of Treasury Services at Priority. “We are excited to launch this investment offering into our SMB, B2B and Enterprise channels so that our 800+ thousand customers may access a variety of investment and treasury management options from our trusted partner directly from their Passport account,” he added.

Ben Verschuere, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Treasure Financial, echoes the enthusiasm for this landmark partnership. “Our modern economic world requires adaptive approaches to traditional business banking and cash management strategies—and that's precisely what the alliance between Treasure's investment prowess and Priority's banking expertise delivers. Treasure's in-house investment professionals actively manage each portfolio’s financial products, utilizing advanced algorithms to inform investment choices, all aimed at amplifying the potential of idle business capital while minimizing principal risk” - said Verschuere.

Our partnership with Priority is just one example of how embedding Treasure's yield API can revolutionize financial platforms. Don't miss out on this innovative opportunity—visit to see the potential or contact us to talk about bringing this success to your business.

About Treasure Financial

Treasure Financial stands at the forefront of financial technology innovation, offering sophisticated cash management through its proprietary API. The Treasure API allows for the effortless integration of a comprehensive suite of managed investments and cash management services into existing platforms. Beyond this groundbreaking API, Treasure also provides a powerful cash management platform utilized by hundreds of businesses to convert idle cash into a secure income stream. Unlock the full potential of your business capital at and

About Priority Technology Holdings, Inc.

Priority Technology Holdings, Inc. is a provider of Payment and Banking as a Service (BaaS) solutions to over 820,000 customers in the small business, business-to-business, and enterprise sectors. Annually, Priority processes transactions worth approximately $118 billion and oversees around $850 million in daily deposits. Their technology platform supports various financial operations, including payment collection, fund storage, borrowing, and money transfers, all aimed at optimizing cash flow and working capital for clients. For more information, please visit

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