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Matthew Walsh
May 4, 2022

Here at Treasure, there are moments when we look at each other in the office and are amazed by our clients and the companies they are building. We know how hard it is to make something out of nothing, to empower the powerless and provide opportunities that were once only available to a select few.

I was sitting at my desk when I saw Shef come through our site to open an account. I looked them up and saw the mission they were on, astonished by the economic opportunity they are unlocking for talented, local cooks across the country. As the leading online marketplace for homemade food, Shef helps local cooks - many of whom are immigrants and refugees - connect with customers in their communities and earn a meaningful income selling their authentic, homemade dishes.

As a kid my family went out to eat almost everyday and became friendly with the owners of the restaurants we used to frequent. So friendly that those same people are now considered "family!” Food allows one's culture to embrace others in an ephemeral way; Through the food served and the stories told over a dish that was once foreign until the first bite.

Shef is unlocking the ability of everyday home cooks to turn their culinary talents into a business for the first time. Shef makes the dream of becoming a food entrepreneur - and maybe even owning a restaurant someday - a reality for thousands of people. Joey Grassia co-founder of Shef said it best, "Our focus is not on building a successful business; it is on empowering millions of talented cooks to build successful businesses."

Companies like Shef are what make us here at Treasure wake up each morning with our north star feeling that much closer. Treasure gives companies the ability to maximize the use of their cash, the tools to make wiser financial decisions, and the opportunity to unlock new possibilities with the returns made by implementing Treasure as their financial steward.

"In the end, our capital is here for one purpose and that is to serve our Shef community. Treasure helps ensure that we can maximize our impact and better serve our community." -Joey Grassia, Co-Founder Shef

Shef has set out on a mission: To build a global community devoted to economic empowerment and cultural inclusivity by enabling anyone to feed their neighbor.

  • 75% of Shefs are women
  • 80% of Shefs are people of color
  • Over 90 countries represented

What is a Shef? Shef is a combination of "she" and "chef", in honor of mothers and parents everywhere who do so much to support and nourish their families and communities. 

Shef’s co-founders, Joey and Alvin, are both sons of immigrants who grew up eating delicious, homemade food from scratch. Their stories are those of so many immigrant families who make their way to the United States, filled with uncertainty, hope, and dreams of building a better life for their loved ones.

They both often think about how Shef could have been an economic lifeline for their families had it existed when they were growing up. Shef is their way of bringing a community-based food system to life, where everyone has access to a meaningful income, and anyone can feed their neighbor  – one meal at a time.

Enjoy your first Shef experience with $10 off using code TREASURE10!

Treasure is here to support the impact your business can have.  You can sign up in 10 minutes and have a Treasure account open in as little as one day! Maximize your returns and allow your cash to be put to the highest and best use possible.

Thank you Joey and Alvin for allowing Treasure to play a role in supporting the next generation of food entrepreneurs across the country!! 

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