Empowering tomorrow: The making of the Treasure API

Product Strategy
Julia Stefani
March 1, 2024

Last summer, Treasure found itself at a pivotal juncture, faced with an extraordinary opportunity to embark on a new trajectory. This strategic shift took Treasure beyond its traditional role as a direct-to-business platform and into the untapped frontier of embedded finance.

Our core objective is to harness the power of automation, driven by cutting-edge technology, to ensure that every dollar is strategically deployed, generating returns within our investment products when not immediately needed, and seamlessly available in your operating account when required. 

The genesis of the Treasure API lay in a strategic vision aimed at enhancing customer experience and broadening our market reach.  Through our discovery process, we carefully examined the current market trends, conducted a thorough competitor analysis, and closely studied the needs of potential clients. This exploration led to the realization that the next frontier lay in embedded finance for the SMB sector, ultimately influencing our API strategy.

Developing the API wasn't without challenges. As a small start up, being able to maintain our core product and continue to offer unparalleled customer service while starting a new business line was challenging. But ultimately we are very proud of what we were able to build and the impact it has already had. 

What is the Treasure API?

With the Treasure API you can launch and monetize a suite of professionally managed cash management offerings within weeks, enabling your customers to pursue yield on their idle cash. All you need to do is integrate with 4 simple APIs and Treasure takes care of the rest. In a nutshell the Treasure API enables: 

  • Account Creation: Users can easily create accounts, streamlining the onboarding process. We run KYC and KYB processes on all applications received. 
  • Personalized Investment Portfolios: Users can create customized investment portfolios, tailored to their unique financial goals.
  • Active Portfolio Management: Our team of experts actively manages portfolios in the background, optimizing returns and minimizing risks.
  • Historical Data Retrieval: Users can access comprehensive historical data, empowering them with insights to make informed financial decisions.
  • Document Management: We provide seamless access to essential documents, enhancing transparency and trust.

Key Principles Guiding Design and Development

At Treasure, our commitment to excellence is underpinned by key principles that guide the design and development of our API:

  • User-Centricity: We prioritize understanding user needs, provide user-friendly documentation, and establish a feedback loop for continuous improvement.
  • Security and Compliance: We assess data security and regulatory compliance to protect sensitive financial information.
  • Technical Performance: We design for scalability, ensure high availability and reliability, optimize performance, and handle errors effectively.
  • Development and Maintenance: We implement versioning, rate limiting, and throttling, monitor and analyze performance, and conduct rigorous testing for reliability.
  • Team Collaboration: We foster cross-functional collaboration among development, operations, and business teams for a holistic API development approach.

In conclusion

The Treasure API isn't just a tool; it's a catalyst for empowering a countless number of industries from fintech companies, to marketplaces, to community banks, to industry specific all in one solution companies.  What is more, embedded finance within the SMB sector yields distinct advantages for each stakeholder. Customers experience heightened convenience and accessibility, companies benefit from revenue diversification and fortified customer loyalty, and the entire ecosystem thrives through economic growth and enhanced inclusion. The Treasure API seeks to be a key component within embedded finance. It represents a paradigm shift in cash management and exemplifies our dedication to pioneering solutions that simplify complexities and amplify financial possibilities. As we unlock the future of cash management, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey toward a more accessible, efficient, and rewarding financial landscape.

The information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment, financial, legal, or tax advice. This material should not be considered an offer or recommendation to buy or sell a security, or a recommendation of any specific investment or strategy. You should consult your own financial, legal, and tax advisors before engaging in any transaction. While information and sources are believed to be accurate, Treasure does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information or source provided herein and is under no obligation to update this information. For more information about Treasure, please visit treasurefi.com.

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